Stevie Nicks has inspired many rumors throughout her career. So has Bret Michaels. So, when the pair got together to work on a song in 1991, it was almost inevitable that chatter would circulate.

The Fleetwood Mac icon hooked up with the Poison singer while she was working on her retrospective album Timespace, and between them they created the song “Love’s a Hard Game to Play.” In a new interview, Michaels was asked how far those games went in real life.

“I know where this is going,” he recently told The Talk. “Number one, she is awesome. We wrote an incredible song together. But the night before, I came into town. We went out to dinner, had the best time. We laughed, closed the place down. We were up on Sunset Strip, a restaurant up there. The place closed down. We laughed, told stories. It was awesome.”

He added that the next day, they "recorded the song. It was incredible. Sitting there the way you dream it to be – you know, playing music. She's on the piano; I'm on the guitar. All great. But I say this with all respect – beautiful woman all the way around, but there was no 'rock of love.’” However, he admitted, "It was good, though. There was tension. You know what I mean?”

In her liner notes for the album, Nicks described Michaels as “a most extraordinary young man." "A new friend, in this business, who asks for nothing but for me to be happy is a very rare thing," she wrote. "I hope he will remain my friend for a long time, because finding someone like him seldom happens in one's lifetime. … He has brought something back to me that I thought I had lost ... my laughter.”


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