That's right, the world's coolest scientist is coming to Utica!  Imagine seeing him discuss all things science, right here in our backyard.  According to MVCC's website,

This all-encompassing science lecture will include Nye's early history, his days at Boeing as an engineer, climate change, space exploration, and more. (

It's been Bill Nye's mission to share his love and passion for science with the world.  So many people have grown up thinking that science is "cool" thanks to Mr. Nye.  This really is a great opportunity to see him up close.

  • Saturday, September 12, 2015 - 6pm.
  • Robert R. Jorgensen Athletic/Event Center, MVCC Utica.
  • Ticket info: 315-792-5442 or click here.

Here's Bill Nye's take on the newly released images of Pluto:

And for something completely different, Bill Nye reading "Mean Tweets":

What would you ask Bill Nye if you could meet him and talk to him for an hour or so?