With the area preparing for President Donald Trump's visit to Utica on Monday, where he'll fundraise for Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, we take a look back at his 2016 visit to Oneida County.

On April 12, 2016, then-candidate Trump was preparing for a GOP primary with Ted Cruz and John Kasich. A raucous crowd welcomed the wealthy businessman to Griffiss International Airport for a rally inside an airplane hangar.

Here's a review of some of 45's comments at the Griffiss Rally:

Trump joked, ''And we apologize for airplane hangars, but they're the only things that hold our crowds because something's going on. The fact is there's a movement going on, and it's happening all over the country, and it's people like yourselves...,'' he said, before pledging to bring jobs back to the US.

Trump on Carrier Air Conditioning

Keeping and returning 'American jobs' was a theme central to the Trump campaign. Less than two minutes into his comments that day, Trump asked the crowd if he could remove his coat. As he did, he said it was warm inside the hangar because of the ''warm people'' who came to support him.

''And we will not use Carrier air conditioning to cool it down 'cause they're moving to Mexico. We're not gonna use 'em, right?'', Trump asked.

His Rome-stump came just two months after Carrier had been reported to be closing a plant in Indiana, relocating some 1,400-2,000 jobs from the US to Mexico.

Of course, there is a CNY link to Carrier, who own's the naming rights to Syracuse University's athletic dome.

Trump's take on Utica-Rome labor stats - ''Is anybody working up here?''

Looking at a number of prepared statistics he pulled from his jacket, Trump said he'd done some research on the area, shouting, ''Not good!''

''But, it's gonna be good. Don't leave, don't leave for warmer climates,'' he said.

''Listen to this, your county has lost 60-percent of it's manufacturing jobs since 1980, 60-percent! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Utica-Rome region has lost more than half of it's manufacturing jobs since 1990. More than half, folks!''

In citing reasons for the loss of jobs, Trump pointed to NAFTA, ''which was, as you know, voted on by a certain person who is running, we won't mention any names,'' adding that the World Trade Organization was a ''total disaster for you and the region.''

''According to labor bureau statistics,'' Trump continued, ''Utica-Rome region lost nearly 40-percent of its manufacturing jobs since 2001. What's going on? Is anybody working up here? We gotta change this, it's terrible.''

Trump decries ''The System is rigged'', blasts RNC and DNC processes

Another common theme on the 2016 campaign trail was Trump saying, ''The System is rigged.''

He carried that theme in Rome, tearing at both the Republican and Democratic national committees.

''Our Republican system is absolutely rigged. It's a phony deal,'' Trump said in Rome, just three days after Cruz took all 34 of Colorado's delegates in a process that Trump called 'phony' and 'crooked'.

''The RNC, The Republican National Committee, should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen - I can tell you that. They should be ashamed of themselves. Because it has nothing to do with democracy. They took the votes away from the people in Colorado. People are burning up their Republican cards because they wanna vote. You gotta see what's happening out there...''

Trump on Mitt Romney and 2012 Election - ''He choked like a dog''

The ex-reality TV star also blasted 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney while in the Copper City.

''...The last election should have been won [by Republicans], except Romney choked like a dog. He choked,'' Trump said, making a choking gesture with his hand over his throat.

''He went, 'I can't breathe, I can't breathe', he said.''

''Romney choked, I never saw anything -- well, let me tell you -- Jordan Spieth choked a little bit, but ya know what, he's gonna recover. He's a great young guy and he's gonna recover. Romney can't recover from a choke. That was an election that should've been won. That was an election that should've been won, easily.''

''...I backed Romney. You wouldn't believe this, but I actually backed him - raised a lot of money for him an other things, and he failed. So, [John] McCain failed, Romney failed and I said this time we're gonna do it ourselves, okay? We're gonna do it this way,'' as he poked his fingers into his chest.

Contextually, this came on the heels of Romney's repeated criticism of Trump not only as a candidate, but as a businessman. And, it was just two days after Spieth's infamous quadruple-bogey on the Par 3, 12th-hole at the Masters, as he gave away his lead down the stretch at Augusta - one of the major tournaments on the PGA Tour.

Trump said he'd become 'more presidential' after primaries

While stumping at Griffiss, 'The Donald' said wife Melania and daughter Ivanka had both been urging him to be 'more presidential'.

''I said, wait a minute. I've got 17 people throwing barbs at me, I gotta take 'em out before I become presidential, don't I? Right?''

Trump was referring to the 17 Republicans vying for the GOP nomination.

''We have two leftovers [Cruz and Kasich] right now. We can't be nice until we win [the Republican nomination]'' Trump said.

From there, Trump went on to dominate New York's GOP presidential primary the following week winning nearly 60% of the vote statewide. He won 61 of the state's 62 counties, losing only in his home-county - New York County/Manhattan.

In Oneida County, he won better than 55% of the GOP primary vote.

In the 2016 general election, Trump won Oneida County with 56% of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton's 37%.

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Albany, NY
Donald Trump signing an autograph (Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images)

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