If your name is on the National Do Not Call Registry and you got called anyway from a Dish Network Telemarketer between May 11, 2010, and August 1, 2011, that call could make you checking account go up by $1,200 thanks to Thomas Krakauer.

Thomas received one too many calls from the Dish Network telemarketing department and sued Dish Network for making illegal calls to his phone number. which was on the Do-not-call list.

Long story Thomas won his lawsuit and that could pay off for you in cash. Check and see if your number was one of the 18,066 called. If it is, submit a claim by visiting: http://www.dishclassaction.com/submit-payment-form.aspx

I know I have felt the same thing that Thomas felt and we should consider this a victory for all the small guys and a monetary decision by the courts the public can share in the victory as well. You have until June to make a claim.


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