Going camping? You'll need to fill the cooler with some nice ice cold beer. Here's 5 of the Top New York beers you should include part of your trip. 

5) Blue Point Brewing Summer Ale

From Blue Point Brewing Company of Long Island

The Blue Point Brewing Summer Ale has a unique tartness not commonly found in light ales, making it the perfect companion on your camping trip.


4) Rohrbach Brewing Company Blueberry Ale

From Rohrbach Brewing Company of Rochester

This beautiful brew is a blonde ale with blueberry flavoring. The blueberry has a clean taste, and you'll notice the hops.


3) Genesee Cream Ale

From Genesee Brewing Company of Rochester

Genesee Cream Ale is a beer with the flavor of an ale, and the smoothness of a lager. The beer is a New York legend, just like the legendary good time you'll have with it.


2) Ommegang Cooperstown Ale

From Brewery Ommegang of Cooperstown

The Cooperstown Ale is a lightly golden-straw hue with a lasting thick, white head. There are aromas of sweet malt, floral with slight citrus are followed by delicate herbal notes. There is lightly floral hop flavors and notes of banana and pears throughout this great summer beer.


1) Lake Placid Smokin' Blonde Ale

From Lake Placid Brewery in Lake Placid

This is a light summer ale brewed with a significant amount of smoked malted barley. This is a great choice for a hot summer day, refreshing, and of course thirst quenching. Enjoy this beer at BBQ's and around the fire.