Dancing on camera can be a dangerous proposition for any woman. Even if she a trained professional, things can always go wrong. None of these women are trained professionals so the chance of things going wrong is doubled.

As if watching this unmitigated disaster spend fifty seconds screaming for attention only to tragically fall of the bar was not enough, let us present the ten best videos of girls falling while dancing.

Ballet dancers are often described as graceful and light on their feet. Good to know that at the end of the day gravity can turn us all into a pancake.

Always a good idea to hit ‘on’ when a female friend is willing to dance in front of the camera. Always a bad idea to have a friend rolling a doobie in the background.

When we were in school, there was a class called Home Economics. I am pretty sure that they taught girls never to dance on top of glass tables.

Once this girl was distracted by her phone, it was pretty clear that it was all over for her and her consciousness.

This poor high school graduate won’t be scarred mentally from this. We swear.

Rihanna proves that it is impossible to look ‘fierce’ falling off of a stage.

This lady gets an ‘A’ for effort and timing and for wearing the ‘Risky Business’ getup. She does get an ‘F’ for balance while trying to execute ‘The Cruise’.

As people who stink at bowling, we give this lady credit for nailing a strike but the dancing celebration is the exact reason men like to bowl with men.

After perusing the multitude of pole dancing falls, this one takes the prize for it’s simplicity and the fact that there is the required mattress and box spring in the background.

OK – technically the grape woman wasn’t REALLY dancing but on some level she was. There is also NO way we could compile this list without including the Zapruder film of Viral Videos.

Jaime Hamel is the co-founder of the The Sports Hernia and writes for 30Nothings. He can be found tweeting away at @Dignan1973.