Let's face it, you are bummed out. You stayed up late to watch the Powerball drawing, and you were brought to tears. The winning Powerball numbers for 11/28 weren't the ones you were looking for. Handling this kind of let down isn't easy, you're going to need some help. Here's ways you can handle losing the lottery. 

Count Your Loses


Let's face it, If you bought one Powerball Ticket, you spent $2. $2 is easy to forget right? Just walk it off, and move forward.

Go To Work

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You weren't able to walk into work today and say “I QUIT”. So what should you do? Get your butt to work! You still need to pay rent, car insurance, and your other bills. If you don't have a job, these tasks won't happen and you'll go broke.

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Blast Oldiez 96.1

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It's a known fact, when you listen to Oldiez 96.1 your day will be better. It's Central New York's Greatest Hits including The Beatles, Eagles, Aerosmith, and so much more. Radio is free, so tune in to us! You can listen live by Clicking Here.