You can be an NFL owner! Yes, you. The Green Bay Packers are getting ready for a new stock sale before the end of 2011. Your $200 will buy you one share in the NFL's only publicly owned francise. Your stock includes voting rights, annual meetings at Lambeau Field, and tours of the field and locker rooms. The best part of the deal is if you own stock in the Packers you can call yourself an NFL owner. That appeals to a lot of football fans:

That last reason seals the deal for Staughton Wade, 29, a lifelong Indianapolis Colts fan.

"I'd absolutely buy a share," said Wade, of Fort Wayne, Ind. "It's a unique thing having the opportunity to buy a share of any NFL team, and the Packers are the only team you can do that with." -

The Packers plan to use the money from the stock sale for $130 million in renovations at historic Lambeau Field.