Do or do not, there is no try... The rumor mill is all fired up about the new Star Wars 7 flick for 2015(ish), but Disney says they're going to be doing some one-shot movies along the way that are not part of the new trilogy based on single characters, one of which might feature our favorite little green Jedi Master, Yoda!



The little bee buzzing this little piece of news is a reliable source and I personally wanna believe it on account that we know absolutely nothing about this guy's 900 year old past. Another cryptic Star Wars character whose backstory is still in the dark even after Episode 2 is our quintessential bounty hunter Boba Fett! Or how about Jabba's past or maybe we can delve further into Han Solo's scoundrel ways?? Anyway, true or not this gold nugget has my mind turning! If they're trying to create interest for all of us fan boys, mission accomplished!