If given the option to buy a pepper spray iPhone case would you buy it? Think about it, finally a case on a phone that could protect you and your phone from attacks. Introducing the Spraytect Pepper Spray iPhone case.

With a 3-step firing process, Spraytect is simple to use even in the most stressful situations. Spraytect’s pepper spray is a proprietary blend that uses habanero pepper, one of the hottest peppers available, as the main ingredient. This blend is the same formulation used by organizations like Homeland Security, US Military, FBI offices, Police Departments across the country as well as Corrections Officers.

The one thing I'd be worried about carrying around a pepper spray phone case is the part where it would explode in my pocket. Apparently that will never happen.

With multiple safety mechanisms in place, Spraytect only fires when you are ready.


So far Spraytect is designed to fit iPhone 4 & 4S models only. They are currently working on designing these cases for other smartphones. This gem will cost you $39.95.