Is there anything better than getting a bunch of your friend together to watch the big game? You get to eat good food, have cold beer, and a group of sports fanatics who all know how to watch a game. Well, except for that one…

Here's a rundown from Total Pro Sports of the nine worst people to watch a game with:

9. The guy who doesn't root for one team -- he just wants to see a close game.

8. The guy who tries to sound like an expert on the sport but really has no idea what he's talking about.

7. The hardcore fan. It's cool to be a passionate sports fan, but you've got to know when to turn it down a notch.

6. The DVR guy. Usually it's the guy who owns the TV you're watching the game on. Despite the broadcast offering a dozen different replays, he still needs to rewind the game to watch the same play over and over.

5. The incredulous guy. He's coming up with hundreds of reasons why your team is losing.

4. The guy who wants to watch another game. You've all assembled to watch one particular game but he want to keep switching over to another game.

3. The guy who loves to watch the commercials.

2. The guy who brings his kids.

1. Mr. Center of Attention. Everyone is there to watch the game, not to be entertained by Mr. Funny.

Who do you hate the most watching games with?