Ahhhh Valentine’s Day, gotta love it.  It’s a day to show the one you love just how much you love them.  Or, maybe it’s a day to take the chance to let you love interest know just how you feel about them.  Valentine’s day is great for certain businesses…Florists, restaurant owners, greeting card companies, and Chocolatiers.  So what about some of the jobs that just absolutely suck lemons?  What are the jobs that people do that when the simply hear Valentine’s day being mentioned, they just cringe and reach for the aspirin?

Waiter or Waitress – Ok, tips are probably outstanding on this day, but they know that this day they will be busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony.  You can guarantee most of the restaurants will be packed, which means service will be slower and, in turn, patrons may become cranky.  But hey, maybe it won’t be too bad.  Maybe restaurant goers will be so lost in love, that they won’t even notice they haven’t received a refill in over a half hour.  Yeah, right.
Florist Delivery Drivers – Whew!  Glad I didn’t sign up for that one.  Crazy!  On Valentine’s Day, these guys are busier than a politician at a butt-kissing contest.  On the plus side, nowadays drivers have GPS.  Can you imagine delivering anything these days without it?
What about these Sales Associates that work at the card shops?  These are the folks that have to stock all of these cards just so we can rummage through them to find that perfect card that says exactly what we are thinking because we are completely incapable of writing it down ourselves.  Tell me I’m wrong.  Busier than nickel night at the strip club.
Thinking outside the box just a bit here, but what about occupations like firefighters, police, military personnel, and other who can't necessarily take the time off to be with their loved one on Valentine's Day?  I guess, like other holidays, you can postpone and do something extra special on an "alternate" Valentine's Day.  Just a thought.  Be flexible.
No matter what job you do, don't forget to let that special someone in your life know exactly how you feel about them.  Maybe the return response will make you feel better about the kind of day you may have had.  Have a Happy Valentine's Day!