It's just a few days before Christmas and you're trying to finish all of your shopping. The only problem, you have no idea what you're doing. You have no idea how to shop for that certain someone. No problem, help is on the way. Here's the worst Christmas gifts of all time, make sure you avoid the worst gifts ever!



Nothing says “I love you” like a stick of Old Spice. You can send so many wrong messages by buying this. You'll make the person think they smell like a dumpster. Avoid buying deodorant for someone, but keep buying it for yourself.

Any $5 Gift Card


Wow you shouldn't have! You bought me something for $5! Big spender! It's like a slap in the face. What can you get, one item? Thanks for making me drive to the store, spend more money on gas, and buy next to nothing.



I don't understand why you would seriously consider buying someone this. I understand its a “must have” item, but, it's wrong on all levels. I think your woman should hit you with a iron if you buy this.

Any Movie With French Stewart

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Take my advice,if you spend more than $5 on DVDs then you have no idea who I'm talking about. French Stewart is in some of the worst movies ever made. Unless you hate the person your gift shopping for, don't buy these.

Cheap Booze


Booze can be a great/easy gift. The only trick, you need to spend a little extra cash. Don't show up with a case of crap beer or Mr. Boston.

Pregnancy Test


Tis the season... This one is pretty self explanatory. Unless its a gag gift, don't even consider it.