Now I love bacon like the next guy. It’s been a pretty big year for bacon and burgers. We’ve seen it added to ice cream, we’ve seen it become the worlds biggest, and now we have another bacon record. Let me be the first to introduce to you the worlds first 100% all bacon burger.


Southern California’s burger chain Slater’s 50/50 has released the ‘merica burger. This beast is made from 100% ground bacon. If that wasn’t enough bacon, they top your bacon with a slice of thick cut bacon. A new “bacon island” dressing comes along for the ride along with a heavy slice of bacon cheddar cheese.

This limited-time burger of the month for July comes on the heels of many over-the-top monthly burger concoctions from the increasingly popular restaurant. Just last month the chain featured a Pulled Pork Burger, the month before that was a Chorizo Burger, and in months prior they’ve had items like an Orange Chicken Burger, a Lamb Burger and even a Chili Cheese Frito Burger back in January of 2011.”

I think it could use a little more bacon.



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