Even after spending all that time getting ready, working women say their beauty starts to fade at 10:03am. According to a new study by The Leather SkinKind the average woman spends 38 minutes getting herself ready and leaves the house for work around 7:40am looking and feeling her best. The study even broke down those 38 mintues:

The findings also revealed the average woman will spend ten minutes in the shower, 11 minutes drying and styling her hair, eight minutes applying make-up and nine minutes choosing what to wear. - DailyMail.com

According to the study the average woman feels she has to apply fresh make-up or restyle her hair again before lunch. And apparently all this "work" has caught the eye of her male co-workers:

Nearly a third of men questioned declared that many of their female colleagues looked 'stunning' when they arrive at work but meanly describe them as looking 'much worse' by the end of the day. DailyMail.com

The study also asked men about their workday looks. The results, if you know men, were not surprising. More than 50% of the men said they looked great all day!