Ever have a crazy girlfriend? We all have those stories, but I feel bad for this guy a little. His girlfriend, from New Zealand, sold off her ex-boyfriends fishing spots on the Bay Of Plenty. She did make off with $3,000 from his most prized possession, the fishing hole.

According to Field And Stream, Miss Angela Potter’s ex was a great fisherman and had entrusted her with a GPS, marking his favorite fishing spots on the Bay of Plenty. However he screwed up big time. When he deicded to pick up and leave for Australia, without warning, he left behind the GPS. Now I'm starting to think this guy is a tool bag. Who leaves their girlfriend without warning?

Miss Potter was clearing out her garage when she found the GPS markings for fishing spots in the Bay of Plenty and many other areas of the North Island, so she auctioned them off on Trade Me last January and scored herself a whopping $3000. The auction received 89,688 views, making it the 10th most viewed Trade Me auction of 2012, a surprise to Miss Potter.”

Post-auction, Angela treated herself to some lovely jewelry. Also Miss Potter must have a thing for fisherman because she has now hooked another fisherman. Out of respect to the people who bought the sacred fishing secrets, she is not willing to share them with him. I'm sure he isn't so eager to share with her too.