No we're not gonna smash it like Neanderthals, but if you get a hankering for a can of peaches or wanna make a tunafish sandwich and can't find that confounded can opener (or like mine, it only works when it wants to), seems like the end of the world, right? Nope, there's a life hack for that too! Below is a couple of Russian guys who use nothing but a slab of concrete and their senses of humor to get into the goodies in the can. So, when that zombie apocalypse finally afflicts the world, and they drop cans from the sky, here's how to get into them without any tools at all.



I don't know what's better, the hack itself, or their humorous delivery (Now the cat can survive too!) Now while this hack is proven legit, what we DON'T see is how long it actually takes to scrape it before the top can just pop off like that. Gonna go try it and report back!