With the arrival of colder weather we all have to start preparing for slippery road conditions as well as poor visibility. Here's how to drive in the snow and during the winter. Most of us do not really start thinking about winter until the first snow flakes hit the the ground. That is when we start seeing lines of people at area mechanic shops getting their snow tires on. However their is more to winter driving than just snow tires.Here are some other things to remember as we get set for winter.

1)  The first thing to do is slow down. The roads will not always be bare. You need to think about black ice and snow covered roads. Always allow you self room to slow down and stop, do not follow too close.

2)  Always make sure you get your vehicle serviced before winter. Have all the fluids checked and it would also be a good idea to have your anti freeze set for 40 or 50 below.

3)  Try to keep your gas tank between half and full and make sure you have supplies in your trunk in case you get stuck somewhere. A few good things to have on hand would be a flash light, blanket and your cell phone.