Oldiez 96.1 is launching the biggest debate of the year, Which phone is the hottest phone of the year? Is it the new iPhone ......Or the new Samsung Galaxy S4? The best part, we aren’t deciding, YOU ARE! All month long enter to win the hottest phone of the year with Phone Free October.

Will You Pick The New iPhone?

The new iPhone has an all-new design, new cases with different colors, and a new A6 chip which does everything faster while not draining your battery life.


Will You Pick The New Samsung Galaxy S4? 

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch full HD screen, a 13 megapixel camera, and a way to make your phone work touch free. Also, it can connect all of your devices through Google.


Details How To Enter

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We are giving away 2 $400 Gift Cards to Best Buy. You can use the cash to buy your phone, that simple.


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