It is no secret that I love Wegmans. Being a vegan and having special dietary needs, Wegmans has everything. Wegmans even made my list of the top places in Syracuse to get a vegan meal. The only unfortunate thing is that the closest Wegmans to the Utica area is 45 minutes away in Syracuse. So, out of curiosity, I decided to email Wegmans and ask if the grocery store would ever come to Utica. And, I got a response.

A Customer Service Specialsist emailed me back with this response:

"We received your e-mail requesting a Wegmans store in Utica. We realize you’re very anxious for a Wegmans store in your community, but at least for now, we have no plans for a store there. We’ll continue to invest in our current New York State stores by remodeling or replacing our older ones. But our new store growth will primarily be focused in our new market areas: New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, and parts of Pennsylvania. Because we open just two or three new stores each year, our growth strategy is to identify those markets which offer the greatest sales potential.

Thanks for taking the time to contact Wegmans."

So, unfortunately, Utica will not be seeing a Wegmans anytime soon. However, I still stay optimistic because of this line in the email: "but at least for now..." So, there still could be a possibility.

I guess I'll continue my 45 minute drive to Wegmans after all.

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(Permission was granted to post the above response from the Wegmans Public Relations Office.)