One New Jersey high school student named Nick Santonastasso want's to star on "The Walking Dead". He claims he is made for a role as a Walker.

According to TMZ, Nick suffers from a disability where he was born with only one arm and no legs. Instead of being depressed, he turned his disability into a hilarious "Zombie Prank" on Vine.

17-year-old Nick Santonastasso Skyped in to "TMZ Live," telling us there's a petition gaining a LOT of momentum online, begging "Walking Dead" producers to get Nick on the show."

So far the petition has over 1,500 signatures. Make sure to sign it! So far nothing is official with AMC.

Nick's actually getting negative feedback from people claiming he's "reducing his disability to an object of mockery"

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Personally, I support him. What ever makes Nick happy, is fine by me.