With music programs being cut everywhere and playing music being looked on as more of a hobby for most, it is important to remember that making it in music isn't meant to be just a childhood throw-away dream. Those that live the dream seek to inspire, and burning down the paychecks is only a bonus to the real pay off... Watch fifteen career artists like Bill Withers, Amy Grant, Lady Antebellum, composers Carter Burwell and Bear McCreary and others share why they do what they do.


"Music is the most important, highest form of human communication"



As if that short film wasn't moving enough, go back and watch it again, but this time close your eyes and pay close attention to the soundtrack. As you saw every artist interviewed was not only commenting, but was also asked to write a small musical element using their strengths over a bed that composer Michael Marantzntz (who also directed it) wrote. This is really a music video of sorts as well as an advert for ASCAP (a song royalties company)'s 100th Anniversary... Pretty powerful.

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