With the college football season underway and the NFL regular season kicking off on Thursday, there is, once again, a reason to live. Hours of football, cheerleaders, chicken wings, beer, and friends are a head of us.

As awesome as football is to see live, there are plenty of great reasons it's actually better to watch at home, from BleacherReport.com here's the top reasons:

1) Comfortable Seats- Stadiums are notorious for their back-breaking chairs and benches.

2) The Men's Room- As messy as your bathroom might be, it's nothing compared to the cesspool of germs found at most stadiums.

3) Food and Drink- Eight bucks for a beer? Nope!

4) The Commute- You might spend three-and-a-half hours watching the game -- and six hours stuck in traffic.

5) The Weather- It's always warm and dry in your man cave.

Read the full list from BleacherReport.com.

What stadiums have you been too?