One of my favorite things to do every Summer is try out different ice cream stands.  Lots of good ones here in Central New York, no doubt about that. Have you ever noticed that the ice cream that you get at the specialty shops, taste a whole lot better than the ice cream that you buy in the store?  It may just be psychological, but here are some reasons why ice cream is better when you get it at an ice cream shop...

1.  Someone else is making it - Nothing better than having someone else serve up what you like.

2. Selection - So many choices, so little time

3.  Fresh taste - Some places make the ice cream fresh on the premises

4.  You're out of the house.

Here are some places right here in Central New York where you can take a load off and enjoy some frozen deliciousness.

1.  Bonomo's Dari Cream - Rt 5 Kirkland

2.  B & F on Oriskany Blvd in Whitesboro

3.  Nickey Doodles - North Utica, Eerie Blvd Rome, New Hartford Shopping Plaza in the Village of NH

4.  Tasty Treat - Champlin Ave in New Hartford

5.  Frost Friends - Clark Mills Rd, Clark Mills