Ever hear your recorded voice played back for you and cringe? Well, here's the scientific reason as to why we all can't stand to listen to ourselves (radio DJ's included).

Everyone else gets to hear our voice in it's purest form coming straight out of our mouths, but we not only hear our voices from the outside but that sound is also mixed with how we sound from the INSIDE. Try this: stick your fingers in your ears and talk. What do you hear? Muffled 'wah wah wah' like Charlie Brown's Teacher, right? That's because sound travels through your head as much as it travels through the air. We hear a combination of the outside sound and the inside sound when we talk.

People who are born deaf only can still feel the inside part which explains why it's difficult for them to talk with articulation and for us to understand their speech. So, when you hear your recorded voice, you're only hearing what everybody else does without your own 'personal' sound so that's why it sounds so weird.