Summer's over, at least as far as a gigging musician is concerned. We've all moved our shows indoors now for the most part and it's time to bust out the Northfaces, Uggs and other fall accessories on your way to the gig! Each week local bands and artists are showcasing their talents right here in the CNY area and engaging in a friendly competition for your attention and if you'd like to know where your favorites are or want to mix it up, here's the list of the area's club listings starting tonight thru Sunday!


photo: Brass Knuckle Intercourse

WESDNESDAY, September 25th

Brass Knuckle Intercourse - The Columbia, Varick St. Utica. 630p

Steve Laureti - Genesee Grande Hotel, Syracuse. 6p


photo: (Poor Tim) Patrick Orlowski

THURSDAY, September 26th

Poor Tim (weekly) - Dick Smith's, Utica. 10p

Tom Townsley / Hutson Band & Friends - The Devereux, Utica. 8p


photo: Item 6

FRIDAY, September 27th

Simpleprops - Shots, Friday. 10p

Square Pegs - Rain Lounge, Syracuse. 10p

Showtime - Anchor Bar, Central Square. 930p

Item 6 - Club Aqua, Bridgewater. 930p

Fulton Chain Gang - Silverado, Herkimer. 10p

Hot Roxx - The Gig @ Turningstone, Verona. 930p


photo: American Honey Band

SATURDAY, September 28th

Soundbarrier (Acoustic Duo) - SUNY I.T. Homecoming, Marcy. 5p

Jeff & Molly - Swifty's, Genesee St. Utica. 9p

American Honey Band - Jak's, Barneveld. 10p

Steve Laureti - Caz College, Cazenovia. 6p

Fulton Chain Gang - Tin Rooster @ Turningstone, Verona. 9p

Showtime - Shots, Varick St, Utica. 930p

John Castello - Tramontane Cafe, Utica. 8p

Raised On Radio - Eagle Hotel, Lodi.


photo: Steve Laureti

SUNDAY, September 29th

Steve Laureti - Hayloft On The Arch Bridal Expo, Vernon. 4p


This list is by no means an extensive or complete list and if you'd like your club or band to be listed here each week, click the link below to submit your PUBLIC dates!

Email me your listings by clicking HERE!


Why Do We Like Listening To Sad Music So Much?

Elton John said it best, sad songs really do say so much! I've always wondered why we tend to gravitate towards songs that are depressing, especially if we're in a bad mood! If sad music makes us feel sad, then why put ourselves through that torture?