The end of the summer entertainment season is now just a WEEK away so come see some outdoor living, breathing music from musicians born and bred right here in Central New York before colder weather hits! Each week local bands and artists are showcasing their talents and engaging in a friendly competition for your attention and if you'd like to know where your favorites are or want to mix it up, here's the list of the area's club listings for the week of August 21st-25th:


Fulton Chain Gang / Facebook

TUESDAY, August 20th

Fulton Chain Gang - Hoopes Park, Auburn. 630-830p


Steve Warzala / Facebook

WESDNESDAY, August 21st

Showtime - The Savoy, Rome. 530-830p

Steve Warzala - Nola's, Clinton. 7p


The BOMB / Facebook

THURSDAY, August 22nd

The BOMB - Saranac Brewery, Varick St. 530-830p

Showtime - Shots, Varick St. 8p-12a

Simple Props - BLU, Varick St. 830-11p

Steve Laureti - TS Steakhouse, Verona. 6p

The Last Left - Celtic Harp, 830-12a

Tom Townsley and Seth Rochford - Colgate Inn, Hamilton. 6-9p


Nineball / Facebook (Matt Ossowski)

FRIDAY, August 23rd

The Square Pegs - The Savor, Rome. 7-11p

Nineball - Mac's Bad Art Bar, Syracuse, 8p-12a

Horn Dogs - NYS Fair, West End Bar & Grill. 7-10p

Showtime - HCCC, 6p

Fulton Chain Gang - Abe's Waterfront, Sodus Point. 9p-1a

Hot Roxx - Patricia's, Johnstown. 9p-1a

The Crazy Fools - Delta Lake Inn, Rome. 530-830p

The BOMB - Cagefest, Deerfield. (see the link at the bottom of this post)

The Honeybush Brothers - Anchor Bar, Brewerton. 930-130a


The Honeybush Brothers

SATURDAY, August 24th

Soundbarrier - Celtic Harp, Varick St. 830-12p

Fulton Chain Gang - Timber Tavern, Syracuse. 9p-1a

Honeybush Brothers - Daikers, Old Forge. 930-130a

WICKED - Cagefest, Deerfield. (See the link at the bottom of this post)

Tas Cru (Blues) - Snubbing Post, Rome. 930p


Rick Short Band / Facebook

SUNDAY, August 25th

Rick Short Band - NYS Fair, Regional Artists Stage. 730p

Fulton Chain Gang - Otisville Country Fair. 5-9p

Honeybush Brothers - Daikers, Old Forge. 930-130a


This list is by no means an extensive or complete list and if you'd like your club or band to be listed here each week, click the link below to submit your PUBLIC dates!


Blanco Diablo Headlines 'Cagefest' To Benefit The Utica Zoo

Team UnLeashed is proud to present their first annual festival, CageFest! Their goal is to create fun and unique events that you won't quickly forget and their throwing everything they've got at this family friendly musical weekend on August 23rd and 24th which will help fund improvements to the Utica Zoo!