When will we truly know who won the Presidential Election? Many reporters are preparring for a very long night. 

"Have a couple of cups of coffee," CBS News Director of Elections Anthony Salvanto said. "I don't think we'll know the winner [in Iowa, which is key] for a while, especially if it ends up as close as it looks right now - that could be hours," he said, predicting a tiny one- or two-point gap between President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the swing states.”

Reporters are saying that Obama holds a slim edge in both national and battleground state polling, but results of Tuesday’s voting may not be known until long after the polls close.

The final CNN/Opinion Research poll before the election, released late Sunday, shows a deadlocked race. President Obama and Mitt Romney each had 49-percent support. Between the razor-thin margins and the fact that many Tri-State voters were displaced by Hurricane Sandy news anchors and politicians are bracing themselves for a long night.”


We will keep you updated once results start pouring in.