Is that RDJ walking onstage in 2011 at Sting's 60th birthday celebration? The band is playing 'Driven To Tears' and he calmly strolls up to the microphone, wonder what he's gonna say... And then (with a voice as smooth as butter) he starts... SINGING?!? Who knew Iron Man had a set of pipes to go along with the myriad of other awesome talents that makes me insanely jealous? Gotta say it's a little weird seeing him in this way, but he's got chops! Even sounds like Sting with a little Joe Bonamasa mixed in too... Watch!



And he plays piano too?!? He is an actor though, could be faking, or just effing cool. I quit.



And who could forget that episode of All McBeal where he sang to her... Oh YEAH! I've seen this before... Jeez. Thought he was just lip syncing! Oh and Sting's in this one too. Hmmm...




'Iron Man 3′ Footage: Extremis Tech. Explained, Plus Tony's Got Some Stress Issues

Although it doesn't open in the United States for another week and change, ' Iron Man 3 ' has already started rolling out internationally, garnering its fair share of rave reviews. While some audiences are already getting the chance to see the whole movie, we simply have to sit back and play the waiting game.