Rebecca Martinson has found some recent national fame for the F-bomb laced tirade email that she sent to her sorority sisters in order to whip them into shape during Greek Week. Well we've found some photos of her and have found out she is to be disciplined by her higher ups for her actions.


From the upper echelon of Delta Gamma:

You may have either read or heard about the inappropriate email written by one of our Collegiate members that was laced with profanity and directed toward her fellow sisters. While this is not reflective of this chapter or this Fraternity, many gossip sites have published it, shared it and gotten thousands of comments on it.

We want to make it clear that this letter in no way reflects the values of Delta Gamma as an International Fraternity or our chapter at the University of Maryland. The processes by which Delta Gamma handles member discipline are confidential, but we have a team of women working with the chapter to take all appropriate action including protecting, educating and supporting the chapter members in the aftermath of this event.

Gosh, go easy on her. She's probably one of your most creative and ardent supporters. It'd be a shame to reprimand her for her colorful and EVERY WELL WRITTEN letter. If I was her sorority sister (Um??) I'd totally be insipred to bring my A-game with such a kickass chapter President!