Has the thought ever crossed your mind on which SUNY School in New York has the best looking girls, or which SUNY has the hottest girls? These are facts I'm sure ever college male considers when applying for schools. Let's be honest here for a minute, men aren't always the smartest animals on the planet. Let's see if you are concerned with this question: Is your daughter posting pictures to this Twitter page? 

If you want to see college girls in the great state of New York make sure to follow @SUNYBoobs. This Twitter account does not post nudity, but they walk a fine line of it. @SUNYBoobs will promise to show the best, it's part of their Twitter description:

Showcasing the best the SUNY system has to offer. All State University of New York intsitutions welcome! Nudity not promoted.”

Many college girls across the state are being asked to send their photos to SUNYBoobs@gmail.com. The page will post the “best” pictures and show which college the student is from. Is your daughter posting pictures to this? Reason we ask is because many college students have taken notice and are showing which Suny College has the hottest girls:



Just think, is this where your daughters student loans are going to? We hope not.