Normally if you plan on getting hammered, you'd appoint a DD before getting a ride to your favorite watering hole or if your whole group wants to drink, you call a cab afterwards, right? Well, how about calling AAA for a safe ride home instead? Yeah, even if your car isn't broken!

Well once a year, roadside assistance becomes bar curbside assistance for both you and your car in order to get you both home safely this New Year's Eve, and for far cheaper than a DUI and even less than calling a cab. Try FREE!

How awesome of this company to offer this awesome gesture to us crazy drunks, but because this costs them dearly too, they are only offering it in specific locations as of this writing. Here's the official map of participating cities from AAA's website...

Although patience isn't typically a known drunken trait, you might want to find an extra source as towing crews will most likely be bogged down with calls. They'll make their way to you eventually and given that many of us live where service isn't offered, that's gonna be a loooooong wait!

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