Well, as you can see, he seems pretty comfy hanging out in his easy chair at the Judge's residence on Myers Ave in Yorkville.  I can think of nothing more important to a child, or even some adults, than getting your Christmas requests to the big guy, or at least relaying the requests to some capable elves or some helpers, if they are available.  We know that Santa is spending some time in Center Court at Sangertown Mall, but where else can you catch up with the Jolly Elf?

Well, if you are willing to take the drive, load up the family and head North.  I’m not talking about the actual North Pole, but this is the closest you will get here.

If you want to stay a little closer to home, you can catch the holiday favorite, the Polar Express, right from Union Station.  Dress the kids in their PJs, enjoy the company of some very active elves, have some hot cocoa, and meet Santa on the train.  Go to this site for more details.

If you are Tech savvy and you have a smart phone, you can track Santa’s visit right on your smartphone with the NORAD app.  It’s a free download and you can track Santa’s flight pattern and see the exact moment that he is in the Mohawk Valley Region, but make sure the kids are asleep at that time!  If you don’t have the opportunity to see Santa, the children can speak with Santa on the air!

Our sister staions, Lite 98.7 and Big Frog 104 will be hosting Santa in the Studio the week of 12/10 from 6 pm to 7 pm.  Call to have to kids get their Christmas requests to Santa.  You can get more info from their websites at www.lite987.com andwww.bigfrog104.com.  But if you don’t get a chance to See the big guy, that doesn’t mean your children’s requests go unheard.  He is watching, as I tell my kids.  He knows if you are being bad or good.  See him or not, he is here…in our hearts.  You just have to believe.  Here’s hoping that everyone has a very enjoyable Holiday Season.  Thanks for listening!