When it rains it pours, or maybe we're just hyper-aware now following last week's tragic events in Connecticut. Apparently there was another shooting this morning and for details click here for the full story from our news station WIBX 950. But keep reading on  for some interesting facts about where the shooting happened:


David Carey / Wikipedia

Amidst the negativity that happened there this morning, here's some positive things about the town that you may not know... The slinky is manufactured here, all quarter of a billion of them (a couple of which I have!) Also, mixed martial arts fighter Charlie Brenneman hails from here although he's never taken on our own Matt Hamill! Also, one of the best known gossip columnists that ever lived, Hedda Hopper was from here too.

The borough of Hollidaysburg was first laid out in 1796 and was named after Adam and William Holliday, Irish immigrants who founded the settlement;[3] by 1814 it consisted of several houses and a tavern. Hollidaysburg became the main transfer point between the Pennsylvania Canal and the Portage Railroad, a gateway to western Pennsylvania. The canal and Portage Railroad spurred industrial and commercial development in Hollidaysburg in the 1830s.




Today there are some 5,700+ people that live in this small town and unfortunately the town just got a little smaller by 4 of those residents, be sure to click the button below to stay on top of that story: