At times, we feature a look at legendary musicians and where they are now. In the case of Jimmy Buffet, he's everywhere! From a string of restaurants and resorts to his own brand of beer (Landshark Lager anyone?), Jimmy is just about everywhere you look.

And "Parrot Heads", Jimmy Buffet and "The Coral Reefers Band" are busy on tour. For a complete tour schedule visit (and by the way, he does make a couple of stops in New York State). On a personal note: The first thing my wife and I do as we begin our annual summer vacation road trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts is pop in the two-disc Jimmy Buffet "The Ultimate Collection" CD, and drive away blasting, Margaritaville!

His latest album entitled, "Jimmy Buffet - Songs From St. Somewhere" was released in 2013, so he's still active in the studio as well as on stage. Watch this behind-the-scenes video of the recording of the latest album, "Songs From St. Somewhere".