Ok ladies, here is your opportunity.  Listen carefully.  When you ask your husband or boyfriend what he wants for Christmas, and he replies “Oh, I don’t know, surprise me”, don’t take it to heart.  He definitely does not want to be surprised by a gift that he will have absolutely no need or use for.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, guys love gadgets, but up to date gadgets, not obsolete gadgets. 

Latest and greatest, we all want to keep up with the Jones’.  At least that’s what my wife says anytime I mention that I want the new Ipad, or TV.  Guys want Smart TV.  Internet ready and able to download the latest Apps, and the bigger the better.  Streaming content is the direction TV is going and guys don’t want to be left in the dark ages when it comes to their favorite pastime.  The big rage this year are tablets.  Guys like them.  Nothing better than being able to carry all of your content with you wherever you go.  Photos, movies, music, internet access, all at the fingertips and contained inside of a 8” x 10” rectangle.  Easy now, do the research.  We don’t want the off-brands of anything.  Carefully read the reviews to make sure it is a reliable product.  For the active male in the household, the digital video cameras are a hot item.  The latest ones can attach to the front of his kayak, skis, boat, mountain bike, or whatever.  Nothing like sharing your extremeness with your friends on Facebook.  Smart phones are good, they are a mini version of the tablets and fit neatly into a pocket.  Guys also like game systems, they are not just for the kids.  Anything that allows us to dominate over others in a role-playing environment, is always a positive thing.  You usually can’t go wrong with power tools.  The more power, the better.  Get him an updated drill, saw, electric screwdriver, router, sander, whatever.  Is this list all inclusive?  Of course not.  Not every guy likes exactly the same thing, but most of what I have listed here sure beats a sweater that doesn't fit or a new tie.  Happy shopping!  Gee I hope my wife reads this.