There are so many things guys don't understand about women. The one I’ll never understand for the life of me is their desire to go to the bathroom in pairs. There are some other things women like that no matter how hard we try to understand it, we never will.

The list could go on and on but here are 6 things guys don't get about girls according to COED Magazine:

  1. Horoscopes and palm readings - Girls love to read their horoscopes to learn about their lives.
  2. Cattiness- Girls are petty and loath each other for no apparent reason.
  3. Bags - All we know is that it's not for any practical reasons. They just like them.
  4. Pillows- Guys think of pillows as things to put our heads on at night to help us sleep. Why do women need 18 pillows on the bed?
  5. Shoes- Seriously, what's with all the shoes?
  6. Brunch -- Isn't there anything better to do than sit at a table with a friend for hours on a Sunday?

What else don’t men get?