The news keeps reporting on the events unfolding in Syria. If the U.S. acts and strikes what are we using in war? It appears that the weapon of choice will likely be the Tomahawk cruise missile. What exactly is it?

There are reportedly four destroyers in the Mediterranean near Syria now, each capable of firing 96 missiles, although not all of the missiles on board each ship are Tomahawk cruise missiles. These missiles seem to be the logic choice according to Discovery:

 “These missiles have a precision level of about five to 10 meters, which is probably as accurate as you need for just about any target, But they do not have a penetrating warhead. Basically it’s just a high explosive warhead like a regular bomb. Tomahawks have 1000 pounds of explosives, whereas penetrating warheads generally have more like between 2000 and 5000 pounds of explosives.”"