When I think of the term "Superfan", I can't help but think of the old Saturday Night Live sketch 'Bill Swerski's Superfans', starring George Wendt, Mike Myers, Chris Farley, and Robert Smigel, tailgating Bears football games, drinking plenty of beer, chowing down on plenty of brats and even experiencing a heart attack here and there. 

These guys were plenty serious not just about football, but most Chicago based professional sports teams in general.

Pre-Season football is here and the "Superfans" are in full force.  Meet Gary and Kristi...Superfans and season ticket holders for years.  Let's see if you can guess what team they are superfans of.  Do you need another hint?

So, what drives this madness?  What makes a grown person dress like their team's mascot and attend every game of the season? Is it sheer lunacy?  I believe it goes far beyond that.

These are the guys who are getting the other "regular fans" involved in the games.  Ticket holding cheerleaders, if you will.  What a great asset for these teams to have the superfans on their side, right?

Superfans have a need to know.  They want to know more about their team than the average fan and they are always willing to share what they already know.  Maybe you have seen these guys on Facebook, asking other superfans specific questions about their team.

Superfans consistently like, comment on, or share brand content when it’s relevant to them. A Vikings toaster?  Why not?  I've seen pictures of Gary and Kristi's kitchen and I think Prince actually has less purple.

In the end, I believe, what it really boils down to is team loyalty, in the finest sense.  A group of people who tirelessly volunteers their time to get others involved and most certainly to show off the team spirit.  If you were a team, which would you rather have...someone is is aware of you, or someone who cherishes the ground you walk on?  I think the answer is obvious.