Ever wonder what happens to your Votes once the Polls close? I've always found myself growing up asking this question. This election is a very big one so it's very important that certain steps take place once the polls have closed. Here's what happens once the polls have closed.

First ballot boxes are sealed and sent to a counting facility: Once the last voter has voted, the election judge at each polling place sends the sealed boxes to a central counting facility. This is usually a government office, like a city hall or county courthouse.

Then ballots arrive at the counting facility: At a centralized counting facility, certified individuals from each party watch to make sure the count is calculated fairly.

If paper ballots are still being used: In areas where paper ballots are still used, election officials go through the ballots manually and add up the number of votes in each race.

If punch card ballots are being used: Election officials open each ballot box, manually count the number of ballots cast and run the ballots through a mechanical punch card reader.

If computerized ballots are being used: With computerized voting systems the votes can be transmitted automatically to the central counting facility.

If emailed or faxed ballots are being used: Displaced N.J. voters must return their electronic ballots - by fax or email - no later than 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Make sure you get out and vote today!