We all remember where we were and what we were doing on that fateful day eleven years ago when the entire nation was affected by the greatest tragedy that has ever made it's way onto our soil. We are still feeling the affects of those events more than a decade later. But there was also another devastating attack that happened more than two centuries before...

A certain American General was preparing his troops for imminent battle on a foggy morning near the Brandywine River in Pennsylvania. He had the advantageous 'high ground' so the opposing commander decided to split his attacking army and fake out the Americans by distracting them with a portion of his army in front while the lion's share of the British force snuck around behind the Americans and all but destroyed them. The defending general was none other than George Washington who ended up retreating his troops after that nasty defeat which similar to the Twin Towers attack, was largely due to faulty intelligence reports. Our future President said this in his report to Congress:

"Despite the day's misfortune, I am pleased to announce that most of my men are in good spirits and still have the courage to fight the enemy another day".

And that they did... The British ended up taking and occupying our new nation's capital at Philadelphia (the ultimate goal of their campaign) later in the month but what they didn't realize is that when you hit Americans, we come right back with a vengeance. Not only did we obviously go on to win the war, but we also won our independence which we've been enjoying 235 years later and counting, but also at great cost over that time. Let's all remember what we are made of as we honor all those we've lost and push on, championing the cause of freedom and standing up for ourselves as well as all those who are oppressed.