So his morning knowing that it was going to be 15 below on the drive in, I decided to wear a pair of my girlfriends socks. Why you ask? They are the fuzzy warm ones, and I knew they'd make my feet nice and warm on the drive in. I see no problem wearing women socks on a day like this. Socks aren't the only things men can use that may belong to a woman. Here's a list of other products females own that men can totally get away with using.


Dave Wheeler/TSM

Do you want to have a uni brow larger than life? No thank you. Pluck those little suckers out of the middle and you'll look like a champ at the office. No one wants Peter Gallagher eye brows.

Loofah/Mesh Loofah


Why use a wash cloth or wash your body with your hands like a caveman? These things are Gods gift to everyone. You can load it up with soap, and wash all over. It takes a real man to admit he uses a loofah.

Hand Lotion

Dave Wheeler/TSM

I have the worst dry hands this time of the year. If you're like me you need some relief. I don't care if her lotions are from Victoria's Secret, they do the trick. They make your hands feel wicked smooth, and smell pretty decent. People at the office will love the fact your hands smell fresh, and not smell like a urinal cake.

Special K

Special K/Facebook

I don't get why they gear this product towards women only, do men not like cereal? Do men not like getting in shape? I beg to differ. I'd eat a bowl every day.

Shaving Cream And Razors


Let's face it, its all the same stuff. If anything their razors make your face feel very smooth. I think I steal my girlfriends razors all the time. It's not like its a different blade, its all the same razor blades.


What else should we add to the list?