We all have heard that women like chocolates, flowers, dinner out, etc...for Valentine's Day, whether that's actually what they want, that's usually what they get. But what kind of gifts would men want to receive? Glad I asked.

Here are some ideas recommended by personalizationmall.com:

"Just For Him Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robe

Personalized Loving Hearts Golf Ball Set

Herrington Engraved Silver Pocket Watch

Men's Embroidered Velour Towel Wrap

Hands Off Over-sized Personalized Beer Mug

Embroidered Monogram Travel Case

Deluxe Weekender Monogram Duffel Bag

LaSalle Collection Engraved Money Clip"

These are just a few gift ideas that are tried and true for the guy in your life at Valentine's Day. For a complete list along with prices, go to personalizationmall.com.

Now for my two cents, here are a few items that I think most men would appreciate:

beer, movie tickets, Major League Baseball cap of their favorite team, box of Slim Jims, can of Beer Nuts, golf accessories, beer, (did I say beer)? Speaking of beer, how about tickets to Utica On Tap, March 22nd?