Last night we picked a song that had many people guessing the sound. It sounded very similar to this track tonight. Let's take a trip back to 1971 off the album "Fragile" let's shine Yes in the spotlight with "Roundabout". Here's the song facts and info you need to know.

"Roundabout" is the opening track for the 1971 album. The song was written by singer Jon Anderson and guitarist Steve Howe.

In January 1972, an edited version of the song was released as a single with "Long Distance Runaround" on the B-side. "Roundabout" has become one of the best-known songs by Yes. With its #13 peak on the Billboard Hot 100, "Roundabout" ranks as the second highest charting US single for Yes, after their 1983 #1 hit "Owner of a Lonely Heart". The single version was edited down to 3:27 for American pop radio airplay, although many stations played the full version of the song. "Roundabout" peaked at #23 on the Dutch Top 40.

Your kids might know this song too. It's a playable track in the music game Rock Band 3, where it is the hardest song for Keys, Pro Guitar, and Band.