Have you ever read movie reviews? Sometimes they can be hard to get through. Also, most reviews don't have a local feel at all. That all changed on April 8th. 19 year old Westmoreland resident Mike Popowski decided to take matters into his own hands and create a local movie review website. The website is called MovieRewind.net

Locally, Mike Popowski tries to bring real life aspects into movie reviewing. Popowski helps make it easy for real people who aren't movie critics enjoy the movie better.

A lot of people forget that filmography is a style of art. Film is a style of art that can be critiqued and analyzed to see what fits and what does not. I hope to impress the readers of my blog and myself. I welcome you to Movie Rewind and I hope my content suffices your boredom."

You can find movie reviews, and movie release dates. Movie Rewind just launched on April 8th, and you can find their Facebook page by Clicking Here.