After thoroughly enjoying an actual "Spring-like" weekend here in Central New York, the camping fever set in for Mr. Douglas.

I pulled the pop-up out of the garage, opened it up, undid all of the zippers, brushed away the evidence of a rodent winter hoopla, added a nice Febreze spray-down, and we are nearly ready for the camping season.  That's right, we camp...not Wii camp, but most certainly a "wee" camp.  Oh sure, we typically see the almost larger than my house campers out there, which, in my opinion, you may as well stay home.  Last year we camped next to a couple that had a enormous fifth wheel camper and we rarely saw them step out of the door.  Ok, I'm a camping junkie, if there is a gadget related to camping in the great outdoors, I probably have it.  We're what you might call "moderate roughness" campers.  Still tent camp, but not quite as much, it can be hell on the back.  We enjoy the pop-up camper because it gives an opportunity to still experience the great outdoors and still have somewhat of a comfortable sleeping area.  It's an inexpensive vacation.  With gas prices rising to now above $4.00 per gallon, what better way to enjoy quality family time, than to enjoy nature at it's finest?  Our first trip?  Memorial Day Weekend at Burnham Point State Park on Camp Vincent.  Best part about it?  Never been there.  Throughout the summer, we plan to explore many of New York's campgrounds and finish up the season with still a positive bank account.  Hope to see you out there!  Stop by the camp and say hello.