Here is some information that pretty much confirms what most of us have known for years.  Listen folks, never shop when you are hungry.  Right?

Two new studies indicate that you will save money and calories if you are not famished when you walk into the grocery store.

The first study involved people who had not eaten in five hours.  They ended up buying 18% more food than people who had a snack before they went to the store.  Here's the kicker...the shoppers who were hungry also bought 31% more junk food. 

 In the second study, the researchers watched people shopping in a supermarket without them knowing, to see what they bought. And people who shopped in the middle of the afternoon . . . several hours after lunchtime . . . bought higher-calorie foods than people who shopped right after lunch.

This is a lesson that I learned years and years ago.  I didn't need a study to figure this one out.