Magician Yann Frisch is a French sleight of hand master and as an armchair student of tricks, I love watching anybody do these tricks and am always looking for 'the move' that we aren't supposed to see.

The art of misdirection is key in any magic trick and makes you believe you've seen something that shouldn't be possible. Of course I'd like to see this on a table without a cloth as his lap is easily the unseen player in this stage trick. Whether or not this is 'magic' the guy definitely puts on a perfect show.



Here's the same dude with a cut and a shave doing the same trick done to music and with a few more camera angles... Amazing how different he looks here, wonder which look is the misdirection... Haha.



And now for some more magic from that same show, this time with cards and no table... Where all of those cards come from is mind blowing. Who needs CGI when you can do this stuff for REAL?



Watch This Mindblowing Taiwanese Magician