What would you do if a hit girl randomly walked up to you and asked you to have sex?

A recent video on YouTube has posed just that question as part of a prank/social experiment.The hot girl, Andrea, was tasked with asking 100 random guys if they would like to have sex with her. It doesn't go quite the way you'd expect.

Just to show that it's not only guys that react different than you'd expect, they reversed the experiment and had a guy ask random girls.

After this entertaining social experiment it's apparent that when the end of the world comes around you're going to be just as out of luck.

See the Banned Renault "Va Va Voom" Commercial [VIDEO]

Most European ads are a little more, spicy than the stuff we would see on TV in the states but the new Renault 'Va Va Voom' commercial apparently has pushed the boundaries too far. The commercial begins with a random guy taking the new Renault Clio out for a test drive when the sales rep send him down a different street.