Do you think Chicken Riggies need a new song and music video? Well lucky for you the band 50 Cover Three has just created a new song and music video called "Chicken Riggies - An Ode to Central New York". Watch it here:

50 Cover 3 band members include: Anthony Amo, Ric Firpo, Mike Miles, John Nipe and Paul Jensen. The music video has a lot of Rome New York landmarks in it, along with other sites all over Central New York. A lot of favorite Chicken Riggies restaurants are included as well.

The video does have one NSFW word in it, so be ware.

The song is amazing, and delicious... get it... Chicken Riggies are delicious!


New Full-Length Benny Mardones Albums In The Works Called "Timeless"

Yes, you read that headline right, Benny Mardones and his local band The Hurricanes are working on a new album called " Timelss ". Here's the story from Benny himself:


Keith James All Star Band

Here at Oldiez 96 we aren't just about playing the classic hits by multi-millionaire artists, but there is plenty of talent flying under the radar right here in Central New York. Many of our local musicians may never see the big time, but they're big to us.